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What is Resilience RX 

A carefully curated group of entrepreneurs & executives who come together to connect, support, and expand their businesses while taking innovative steps toward new levels of success in life!!

We achieve this through custom breathwork experiences, subconscious reprogramming & nervous system regulation. It is an experiential curriculum.

As Master Hypnotherapist & Nervous System Business Coach, Corene Phelps designed this formula to create accelerated results. 

Corene tapped into these modalities to personally 5x her impact, income, and business growth.
She has curated this experience to take entrepreneurs through a process of revealing perceived limitations, unblocking, and then tapping into peak states of cognition & flow. The result is the most innovative, bespoke & expansive experience.

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This is for you if 

 You crave the energy of innovation and high-level results

 You are open to a new & bigger ways of thinking

 You desire high-level conversations 

 You're ready for limitless growth, financially and in every aspect of life.

Ready for Resilience

LIVE HypnoBreathwork® sessions 

HypnoBreathwork® applies a cutting-edge method to clear emotions, regulate the nervous system, reprogram and rewire subconscious beliefs and amplify intuition. 

Align with your big goals & vision. 

Clarify Your Vision & Tap Into Its Power. 

Visioning creates new neural pathways that allow you to effortlessly take intuitive actions toward your goals and desires.

Quantum leaps begin to unfold when we stack these daily intuitive actions. 

Community & Connection 

Private group community chat where you can connect with other high-level entrepreneurs, support, network, and collaborate.


Group Coaching

There is nothing like the power of group coaching in these group sessions; you will have the opportunity to receive support & share your experiences while receiving high-level coaching. Together we rise.  

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